We help our clients pursue full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and additional pain and suffering. We pay attention to specific aspects of Pennsylvania personal injury cases, no matter how small, in order to help them get the best possible settlement from an insurance company or a verdict in court.

After a car accident or if you believe you have been injured because of medical malpractice, follow the applicable "do's" and "don't's:"

Do get a medical evaluation, regardless of how you feel.

Do take notes, as applicable, regarding date, time, location, road conditions, weather, emergency room conditions, people involved, what was said before surgery, and other key aspects of the traffic accident or medical care-related injury.

Take pictures of injuries and, as applicable, wrecked vehicles.

Do get names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses, if possible.

Do call the police after a car accident and get the facts documented.

Do report a car accident to your insurance carrier as soon as possible.

Do call to request a consultation.

Don't make any statements at the scene of a car accident or in a health care setting concerning guilt or blame.

Don't discuss a car accident with other drivers or their insurance carriers.

Don't abandon the scene of a car accident.

Don't sign any insurance papers or agree to a settlement until you get legal advice.